Setting Pricing for your Ecommerce Site

set pricing front page.jpgIf you run an ecommerce site, you've probably struggled with setting prices for your products. Lowering prices is easy, but raising prices seems scary because it has the potential to drive customers away. Learn how to use your ecommerce data, good testing methodology and some Econ 101 to arrive at the perfect price for every item in your online store.

Calculating Your Demand Curve

Learn how to calculate your demand curve in six easy steps by using A/B testing methodology. You'll need to start by getting the right tools in place and setting a baseline price. 

Setting the Right Price
Before you set the right price, you'll need to factor in how much it costs you to sell an item. Learn how to calculate your total profit, then how to price items to maximize that profit. 

Pricing isn't art, it's science. Learn how to be methodical about process and measurement to be completely data-driven about your pricing policy. 

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