Analytics Camp

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You may have noticed data creeping into your day-to-day work, and Analytics Camp is here to help. Join us once a week to learn the skills you need to navigate the data trails ahead.


Meet the data heroes
What does it mean to be "data-driven"? We'll answer this question by introducing you to some of history's coolest data heroes.

Plant the seeds of growth
Learn how to evaluate your business with data and spot areas where a little extra attention could deliver big results.

Rally the troops
Narrow your focus and unite your team behind the core metrics that matter most for your business.

Practice your aim
Measuring marketing ROI the right way is the best way to optimize your marketing campaigns and improve your targeting skills.

Jump in the deep end
Calculating churn can be tricky, but it's vital to the long-term health of your business. Want to grow? You'll need to retain customers.

Build your toolkit
Put down the pocketknife and learn all about the tools you'll need to grow your business with data.

Expand your data superpowers
Combining data from disparate sources is when the power of data becomes obvious. Stitch your data together in replicable ways.

Explore the path ahead
With all these new data skills, you're ready to head out on your own data-driven adventures.

You'll leave Analytics Camp with a can-do attitude, and a fundamental understanding of how to grow your business with data.

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